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Everybody was in a situation when we did not know where to go to buy a product. If we had a notion, we did not know where to go, or when does the shop keep open.

Everybody had a produst what went wrong at home, and we do not know who can help us to fix it. To find a mechanic or a expert if it’s urgent, it was not easy.

When we travel to a foreign place and we would like to eat, relax, do sports, or just we interested in sights, but we do not know where to go.

The HolMiKi’s unique map search service can solve this problem!

It helps us to find the nearest stores, to find out when do the providers keep open, and the attainabilities, it makes it easy to orientate. According to the map navigation, and the photos, it’s easy to find everything.

The HolMiKi map works on any device. Pc, notebook, tablet, mobil are not problem for it.

If you do not know where are you, the built-in positioning helps you.

The HolMiKi map searching is organizeing the places into categories, to make it easyer to use it.
These are the following: Dealership, Service, Hospitality, Entertainment, Sights, Tourism, Institution and Transport.

We made web shops searc, hable, independently from the places and from the Map-like look.

The HolMiKi map searching beyond the categories, it grants to search by keywords. For examlpe for brand, for concrete store’s name, place’s name, service’s name.

The firsth 30 pleaces wich accompishe our arrangement get collected from our dwelling place maximum within 10 km distance. Our dwelling place could change any time,for example with the technic of „keep and pull”.

The owners of the places keep actual the data of them, and we check it at least yearly, there for we can grant reliable informations.